Dabke Workshop دبڪۃ

a free workshop from Doe-het-zelf

Dabke دبڪۃ is a traditional Middle Eastern folk dance that involves rhythmic stomping, synchronized footwork, and lively music. It's often performed in a group, reflecting cultural celebrations and social gatherings.

Join this Dabke دبڪۃ dance workshop for an immersive experience in learning this energetic Middle Eastern folk dance. Explore rhythmic footwork, coordinated movements, and embrace the cultural richness of Dabke. No prior dance experience required – just enthusiasm and a desire to connect through dance!

Dates:              January 11st, January 25th, February 8th, February 22th 2024
Day:                 Thursday
Time:               20.00 – 21.30 h
Duration:         4 classes in total*
Location:         Lindenberg Cultuurhuis – City Centre of Nijmegen (Ridderstraat 23)
Instructor:      Maher Hajj Kaddour
Costs:              Free of charge; registration required
Age:                 18-99
Language:       Dutch, English and Arabic

* The intention is for you to participate in all four classes. If you can't be there every class, please inform us through the registration form.

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We look forward to seeing you on January 11, 2024. For any questions, feel free to contact us at 06-38700555 or email us at m.hajkadour@delindenberg.com.

Instructor: Maher Hajj Kaddour

The course is supervised by Maher Hajj Kaddour from the Middle East, which strengthens his skills in Dabke. He previously gave Dabke workshops at the Zwarte Cross festival, one of the largest festivals in the Netherlands. He is also a DJ and regularly performs at Dabke Night as DjMaHerrie and works as a programmer at Doe-hetzelf (Do-it-yourself): the experience stage of the Lindenberg.