'Lindenberg Cultuurhuis' is looking for art teachers and people with creative ideas.


Welcome to the Lindenberg. It's great that you managed to find us. Are you someone with a creative idea? Or an art teacher? Then we are looking for you! Read all about it on this page. But who are we?  

About the Lindenberg 

The Lindenberg is the cultural house of Nijmegen, a vibrant cultural organisation with a focus on cultural education. The Lindenberg is based in the centre of Nijmegen but is active throughout, and on behalf of, the whole city. We believe that arts and culture are an inseparable part of the personal development of people and that everyone should be given the opportunity to experience this. The Lindenberg is therefore available to everyone. In order to achieve this, we are actively involved in education and recreational activities. 

» We are looking for art teachers! 

Do you use your cultural background to express yourself in forms of art? For example, do you dance every week with people from culturally diverse backgrounds? Or do you play an instrument that is not so well-known in the Netherlands? And would you like to share this experience with students?  

Take part in the World Workshops project. Read all about it here! 
The first round of this project is programmed now under the name of Global Arts. Curious about this result? Check the courses and workshops on this page.

» We are looking for people with creative ideas!  

Do you have a creative idea? Go ahead and do it yourself! A talent show for the elderly. A musical talk show about living with mental health problems. A course in theatre sports for young people coming from a refugee background. A musical about a traditional Polish Christmas story. A monthly afternoon of singing Dutch folk songs, as a way to get to know the Dutch language better. A podcast for and by young artists. Or maybe something completely different. 

Do-it-yourself is a programme from, for, and by everybody. This is where you can give your idea in the field of art and culture a place, with the support of the Lindenberg. Read all about it here.  

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