About us

De Lindenberg is a cultural center in Nijmegen. We are a professional, vibrant organization focused on cultural education. We are based in the city center of Nijmegen, but we are active in the entire city and for all inhabitants.

We believe art and culture are important parts of one’s personal development. We believe everyone should have the oppurtunity to experience that. We focus on an audience as diverse as possible: de Lindenberg wants to be here for everyone.

To succeed in this mission, we facilitate cultural education both during school time and in leisure time.

Extracurricular art courses

About 4000 kids, youths and adults yearly take part in our courses and workshops in music, dance, theatre, arts and writing. Our courses are fit for all ages and all levels. Curious? Take a look at our courses.

The following courses are specifically fit for English speaking people. For our other courses, consultation with our course administration department beforehand is recommended: cursussen@delindenberg.com.

Our theatre

In our three auditoriums we program performances for children, comedy, performances by amateur groups and in-depth activities. Some shows are specifically Language no problem: they are either without any spoken language or in English. The other shows in our program are in Dutch.

Cultural education in school

We reach 95% of the primary schools and 87% of the secondary schools in Nijmegen with our educational activities in the schools. We teach and facilitate courses in various art forms: visual arts, music, writing, theatre and dance. We support schools in developing coherent art programs. We organize numerous projects and events with and for pupils, both inside and outside of the schools. We intermediate between schools and other cultural organizations in and around Nijmegen.  

For rent

Various areas in de Lindenberg can be rented for events, seminars, weddings and so on. Check out this page for more information on the rental options (this page is in Dutch; if you want to speak to someone about our options in English please send an email to verhuur@delindenberg.com).

Are you looking to rent a space to practice your music? You can get a practicelicence at the Lindenberg and practice as much as you want in our building. These licenses are availlable for students and people who follow a course at the Lindenberg, for €170,- a year. Apply for a practicelicente via cursussen@delindenberg.com.

Lindenberg Café

The Lindenberg Café is our cultural café and restaurant. It forms the connection between all our activities and acts at the Ridderstraat. Artists, performers, students and audience meet each other in a cozy ambiance with good coffee and tasty food.