We are looking for art teachers

Do you use your cultural background to express yourself in forms of art? For example, do you dance every week with people from culturally diverse backgrounds? Or do you play an instrument that is not so well-known in the Netherlands? And would you like to share this experience with students? Take part in the World Workshops project. Read all about it here! 

The range of activities offered by the Lindenberg is huge, but the boundaries of art and culture extend far beyond the traditional Dutch art forms. The Lindenberg is looking forward to going on a voyage of discovery with the World Workshops project. We invite qualified art teachers or performing artists from other countries and cultures to bring their works to the Lindenberg. In a personal partnership (on a freelance or payroll basis), we develop new and diverse course programmes together.  

Do your bit for the Lindenberg programme 

Naturally, we also expect something from you: you have completed a professional art degree (this may also be a professional art course abroad) or have at least 3 years of experience as a performing artist in your country of origin or in the Netherlands. You know how to reach people who are familiar with the art form that you have in mind. You are open to welcoming anyone who is interested. The language of a course, workshop or other lesson form is in principle Dutch or English.  

Would you like to do your bit or find out more? 

Do you live in (the region of) Nijmegen and do you have an idea for a course or workshop (perhaps already quite well thought out or only a rough concept)? Please fill out the application form to be put in touch with our social domain/diversity & inclusion project leader Hiek Sparreboom. If you have any questions, please send an email to Hiek: h.sparreboom@delindenberg.com

Click here for the application form (in English).