We are looking for people with creative ideas

for the project 'Doe-het-zelf': do-it-yourself

Do you have a creative idea? Go ahead and do it yourself! A talent show for the elderly. A musical talk show about living with mental health problems. A course in theatre sports for young people coming from a refugee background. A musical about a traditional Polish Christmas story. A monthly afternoon of singing Dutch folk songs, as a way to get to know the Dutch language better. A podcast for and by young artists. Or maybe something completely different. 

Do-it-yourself is a programme run or and by everyone

Are you looking for a professional venue to give your idea in the field of art and culture a place? Are you interested in programming a unique performance or special cultural activity at the Lindenberg? But do you need a little help to get everything up and running? Do-it-yourself at the Lindenberg!  

Make your own contribution to the Lindenberg programme  

At Do-it-yourself, the Lindenberg is opening its doors for creative ideas. Since we want to make programmes that are fun and interesting for everybody, we really need your input. What would you like to see at our venues? And what do those around you need? The Do-it-yourself-programme offers you the support that you need to transform your idea into reality. Whether it is about programming an original cultural activity, a professional stage to perform on, or developing ideas for a performance for a specific target group. This support can be content-related, production-related, organisational or technical. We'd love to have a chat with you!  

Do you have an idea or would you like to know more?  

Are you living in (the region of) Nijmegen and do you have an idea for a performance or activity (perhaps already quite well thought out, but as yet still a dream)? Fill out our application form to get in touch with our DIY programmers Michelle and Stefan. Would you like to know more first? Send an email to doe_het_zelf@delindenberg.com.