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Theatresports (English-speaking course)
€ 214,-
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Theatresports (English-speaking course)

Icon/Docent Docent(en): Inge van Leiden

Icon/Lessen Aantal: 12 lessen

Icon/Datum Startdatum: 30 jan 2024

Icon/Datum Lesdag: dinsdag

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Icon/Leeftijd Leeftijd: 18 - 99 jaar

Icon/Locatie Locatie: Centrum

Icon/Frequentie Frequentie: Wekelijks

Wat kun je verwachten?

Theatresports is a form of improvisation theatre which uses the format of competition for dramatic effect. In this course we do all kinds of exercises to get you in the right improvisational state of mind. This means accepting what your team players and audience offer you. Within theatresports you don't try to think ahead, or think anyway, and take risks! 

In this course you will learn and train the basic games of theatreports.  Games are the formats that define how a scene is played. And no, this is not always easy, but a lot of fun is guaranteed. Experience in improv or acting is not necessary. However, it is not a setback either, since improvisation theatre is always challenging. 

According to the founder of theatersports - Keith Johnstone - it is all about doing the opposite of what you would do in normal life as a sensible human, considering surviving in nature and society. Failing is part of the process and spontaneity is the keyword.   

This course is in English, so open for everybody with a reasonable level of English in understanding and speaking. It doesn’t have to be perfect, there is also a lot to say without words in theatre. 


Inge Van Leiden is a drama teacher, actress and presenter. Improvisational theatre is just as much her passion as it is her professional speciality. She can draw from years of experience as a performer, as well as a teacher and tutor in this discipline. With a touch of humor, a healthy sense of perspective and her dramatic acumen, Inge creates both a relaxed and productive atmosphere, enabling each and every one to grow in their performance. She holds dear the vision that zest for playing and room for mistakes are essential stepping stones to reach the ultimate goal of improvisational theatre: Just playing those  great scenes.


Wie geeft er les?

Inge van Leiden

Inge van Leiden is theaterdocent, actrice en presentatrice. Improvisatietheater is haar grote liefde en specialiteit. Ze heeft jarenlange ervaring, zowel als speelster als docent/trainer. In combinatie met een beetje humor, relativeringsvermogen en een flinke dosis verstand van zaken creëert Inge in haar lessen een ontspannen sfeer waarin een ieder de mogelijkheid krijgt zich verder te ontwikkelen als speler. In haar visie vormen spelplezier en de vrijheid om fouten te mogen maken heel belangrijke ingrediënten om tot het uiteindelijke doel van improvisatietheater te komen: het spelen van mooie scènes.

Inge van Leiden is theaterdocent, actrice en presentatrice. Improvisatietheater is haar grote…

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